The 8 Elements of a Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Area!

Long summer nights are the perfect setting for dinner parties. But with the right vision, your outdoor entertaining area can serve you well all year.


Before you get started, think about what you ideally want your outdoor entertaining area to be used for. Will it be fancy dinner parties, or will it be a relaxed atmosphere that’s more like an outdoor living room? Having a clear idea will help you plan and achieve your vision with ease, whether it’s a leafy breakfast nook, outdoor kitchen, or open-air deck for cocktail parties.


Keep it covered and you’ll avoid baking your guests in the midday sun, plus protect your furniture to boot! Many people choose to build an outdoor structure for their entertainment area so that they can use it in rain, hail, or shine.

Outdoor blinds can be a godsend for shielding you from the sun, wind, or rain. They’ll easily roll up out of the way when not in use.


Getting the lighting right for your outdoor space is a bit of a balancing act. Too much and you ruin the calming outdoor atmosphere. Too little and everyone is squinting and stumbling over the dim candle light. When choosing your lights, you can highlight the selling points of your outdoor entertaining area such as a feature wall, fountain, or particularly pretty plant. By adding a few key lights in warm yellow tones, you can keep the cosy feel of your outdoor space while also adding emphasis to the most beautiful parts of your outdoor decor.


The outdoor furniture you choose for your space will entirely depend on what kind of entertaining atmosphere you want to create. This is an important part of your planning process. If you want to make an outdoor chill space, go for something with comfortable cushions in weather-resistant fabrics.


You’ll want to choose materials that can withstand the harsh Aussie sun, as well as the occasional hai...


To enjoy your outdoor entertainment area all year around, you should heat things up when winter rolls around. A crackling fire in a custom-built pit or fire bucket may be the perfect way to do just that – who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows or warming up this way? If the thought of a fire hazard gets you nervous, another option could be an outdoor gas lamp or heater.


Always remember that a really relaxing environment is one that you truly feel is your own. If your yard or outdoor area can easily be viewed from a neighbour’s home, then perhaps a privacy screen or creeping plant wall could be a helpful addition to a comfortable atmosphere.

Outdoor flooring

If you’re putting in new flooring for your outdoor space, this is a step you shouldn’t skimp out on! Especially if you’re making an outdoor barbecue area or kitchen, a quality non-slip flooring surface is essential if you want your outdoor area to last. You’ll need to choose a porous materi...

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