Add Color and Drama to Your Home With These Painted Ceiling Ideas!

Most of us have stuck to the safe choice of a white ceiling. After all, it goes with almost everything in the room — and someone once said a white ceiling makes a room feel bigger and brighter.

While this is often true, painting your ceiling a color other than white isn’t necessarily a bad choice. In fact, its dramatic effect has many design benefits. If you’re tempted to step out of your comfort zone, we have some tips on adding some color to your ceiling and transforming your space.

Dark Colors

Ceilings painted dark gray, navy or black create a dramatic and intimate feeling in a room. Since they can make the ceiling feel lower, spaces with high ceilings or abundant natural light are an excellent choice to experiment with a darker color.

To highlight your dark ceiling, select a pale color for your walls that nicely contrasts with the ceiling, and opt for furnishings that are lighter or neutral in color. Add a glittery or contrasting light fixture to properly showcase your dramatic ceiling.

Bright Colors

Painting the ceiling a bold or bright color, such as turquoise, orange or yellow, adds energy and interest to any space. This is a great choice if you have white walls and neutral furniture.

Wall Color

Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls creates a beautiful atmosphere that envelops you and allows you to really feel the color in the room. The space will appear a bit smaller, so keep a few things in mind.

Paint Finish

Regardless of the color you choose, be sure to consider the finish of your paint. A matte or flat finish on a ceiling conceals imperfections such as cracks or pipes. Eggshell or glossy paint shows blemishes but also adds dimension to the ceiling, giving it a subtle reflection.

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