Whether it’s restoring an iconic landmark or establishing a new brand identity, our hospitality design solutions bring long-term value to owners while welcoming guests with remarkable experiences. Furthermore, our brand strongly believes that ‘incorporating innovative space planning ideas will certainly prove to achieve sustainable strategies for the present as well as the future’.

By having designers specialized in all kinds of senses and styles, we design concepts, spaces, processes, ideas, solutions and brands. Perceiving that designs are more than just aesthetics, our multidimensional and organic process influences every element of business.

In a nutshell, it is all about creating Experiences, Destinations, and Sensations, adding value to each interaction.


Have a particular vision for your office interiors that you want us to deliver? Or perhaps no definite plans and are simply looking for some artistic ideas? Décor N More is right there for you!

We provide office design solutions for a variety of clients from small businesses to well-known international brands. Our approach is quite simple. We analyze your requirements, study how your people work and deliver a customized office design that's right for you.

Aside from making the workplace a better/ brighter one, we believe it's all about motivating and engaging your workforce, which can help improve performance and efficiency.

Hence, when planning on designing an office fit out, whether an entirely new corporate design or a face-lift, we aim to generate an environment that is inspiring and imaginative.


Specializing in high end residential projects, our brand takes pride in creating inspiring interior spaces with a friendly & open approach focusing on the client’s essentials and providing the best customer service ever.

Yes! We have experts in fields of luxury villa design, modern home interior design and home decoration which will indeed provide you with comprehensive and specific concepts in order to transform your dream home into a reality.

Indeed, when designing, it’s an art to create layouts and arrangements in a physical space. A keen eye for spatial awareness, an intimate understanding of aesthetic aspects, and an aptitude for realizing how people will use the space is required when designing residential interiors.

So, simply put all your doubts aside! If you want to create a space that is both accommodating and visually pleasing, there is one name you can always count on – Décor N More!


A retail store is not just a box with shelves and display lights. It should provide visitors with an engaging experience.

Eliminate dull and monotonous designs by settling for a well-designed, trendy layout that never fails to catch the attention of the customer.

Keep Decor N More at the top of your list when thinking of innovative retail designs, our expertise and years of experience have constructed many appealing designs from box stores to boutiques.

Moreover, the extensive market experience has given us in-depth knowledge of the behavioral traits people demonstrate while shopping. Thus, helping us find compelling ways for shoppers to engage with displayed products and set designs we create.

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