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We provide our clients with in-house tailoring services from out in-house factories in providing services: Joinery: from our factory in Al Qusais we provide topnotch services fro all your joinery needs equipped with 50 skilled carpenters and the latest technology and machinery we can provide our client with pespoke joinery work, GRG and GRC. Our interior manufacturing service offers precision, efficiency, and innovation, ensuring the seamless production of high-quality goods tailored to your needs. Experience the epitome of reliability and quality with our manufacturing service, where every product is meticulously crafted to exceed industry standards and fulfill your unique requirements.

Joinery is one of the hallmarks of a true craftsman. Joinery can involve simple gluing, nailing, or screwing of the pieces of wood. The primary purpose of joinery is to hold wood together strongly and securely, it can also be a decorative feature of the project. Joinery is an important part of most woodworking and it is found in furniture, cabinetry, windows, doors, flooring, and much more. Having a factory in Al Qusais, DÉCOR N MORE provides top-notch services for all required woodcrafts with 50 skilled carpenters and having the latest technology and machinery. Finding the best joinery companies in Dubai can be full of stress but we offer you great works for joinery. It allows us to bring any design from imagination to completion. DÉCOR N MORE provides clients with an extensive range of products produced according to your qualifications.


Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete –GRC– is one of the most versatile and innovative building materials available today and is making a significant contribution to cost saving, technology and to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide. GRC gives the architects a unique and unrivaled opportunity to express individual interpretation and creativity in a way not offered by any other material, in terms of shape, form, texture, weight, mould ability and long term technical properties. Décor N More LLC designs, manufactures and installs GRC solutions, working closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop the most cost-effective approach without altering the design intent. GRC products from Gulf Precast conform with international standards, giving confidence to our customers and ensuring best in class developments in all their aspects. Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is a special grade gypsum used for long lasting interior applications such as Cornices, Moulding, Flat Ceiling, Column Capital, Arches, and Domes. GRG is manufactured by mixing the raw materials into a slurry and sprayed into molds. The laminate is reinforced with glass fibers applied by hand or with the use of a chopper gun. GRG is allowed to dry in the molds, trimmed and demolded.

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The cornerstone of our philosophy is to deliver exceptional value to the customers with no compromise on safety and quality. Our continuous focus on reliability and integrity has played a vital role in making us a recognized contracting leader in this highly competitive marketplace while growing from strength to strength and absorbing each success story. You can call us as we are the best MEP Contractors in the city. With unparalleled regional expertise and engineering knowledge, DÉCOR N MORE’s dynamic performance has been driven by continuous investment in talent, resources, operational excellence, and our ambition to be a leading engineering company in the world. Through a spirit of trust, cooperation, and best practices, we continue to build long-lasting, professional, and mutually profitable business relationships with our stakeholders.

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Determining the appropriate pool design might turn out to be a difficult task. Leave it to DÉCOR N MORE to come up with a model that suits your lifestyle, and aesthetically match your space. With our up-to-date pool technology systems, you can choose from a variety of options ranging from: Automation, Energy Efficient, Salt Generators, and Heaters.The addition of features that would enhance the beauty of the clients’ pool is right down our alley! Options could include, but are not limited to: Waterfalls, Fountain Bubblers, Laminar/ Deck Jets, Water Slides and an attached Jacuzzi. Decking is also a main factor one should keep in mind. A variety of Concrete, Stone or Pavers could be used to enrich your poolside!

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Giving importance to one’s living space will add a Relaxing and Peaceful touch to it. Moreover, one should keep in mind that the landscaping should complement the entire design as a whole. At DÉCOR N MORE we excel at combining nature with culture. Our landscape designs act as a bridge between the aspects of landscape architecture and garden design. A detailed 3D walkthrough of the final design shall be provided to match each client’s vision with the outcome. Whether you are looking to create a space for entertaining your guests/ family or you desire a lush garden to unwind in, our experts are ready to deliver accordingly!

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